Fall 2019 Course Calendar 12

Our Fall 2019 Course Calendar is now in effect! Check out the various classes offered by St. Albert Further Education as well as our community members. The digital copy of the course calendar can be found here!

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12 thoughts on “Fall 2019 Course Calendar

    • Office Administrator Post author

      Hi Steven, we are planning a GED preparation course for writing the exams. If you are interested in something like that please let me know at 780-460-2207. It would be a 5 class course focusing on each subject per lesson and then a review. Thank you….Dana Wallace

    • Office Administrator Post author

      Hi Emma, the Fall 2019 Course calendar will be in the St. Albert Gazette on August 7 and on line registration will begin then as well. Thank you…Dana Wallace

  • Wendy S Vanderwel

    I would like to take Spanish Level 3 this fall. Do you know yet which evening it will be offered and when the course will start?

    • Office Administrator Post author

      Hi Wendy, Spanish Level 3 will start Wednesday, Sept 25. The new course calendar will be out August 7. Thank you….Dana Wallace

    • Office Administrator Post author

      Hi Jodie, the Writing Skills is one course that is 10 weeks long and each class is 2 hours. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you…Dana Wallace

  • Dawne Fowler

    Hi, I am launching a program for isolated seniors called Seniorozing in Alberta Society on September 9th at the Kinsmen Korral. I would really like to have someone come and teach us conversational French a couple of times a week during the day. I wonder if you would be able to recommend someone who might be able to help with this. Thanks so much.


  • Shelby

    Do you guys offer GED courses? Looking to get mine, but I honestly have no idea where to start, I just want to get my future back on track

    • Office Administrator Post author

      Hi Shelby, we can offer you one on one tutoring to help you to prepare for your GED if you qualify. To find out more please call Susanne at 780-459-5864. Starting in January we also hope to run a 10 week course to help prepare for the GED. You may qualify for a grant to take this course and it would also cover writing the exams and any materials. So depending on how many exams you need to write and how confident you are with the subjects, we can help you determine which is right for you. Give Susanne or me a call. My number is 780-460-2207. Thanks…Dana Wallace