Our Courses

The American Sign Language Course is designed for you to develop your receptive and expressive skills by involving communication activities from the Signing Naturally Prep 1 book Units 1-3, and DVD. In this class you will learn; Deaf Culture Getting to Know You Exchanging Personal Information Discussing Living Situations Colours/Numbers Writing – grammar, spelling and (more…)

This is an intermediate level class. Build practical reading and writing strategies that you can use in your daily life. Learn how summarizing and paraphrasing techniques help support your ideas. Learn how to express yourself effectively in emails and letters. Build confidence readying emails, letters and articles. These courses are for learners who speak English (more…)

Learn the basics and beyond in our Spanish classes – useful expressions and dialogue, pronunciation and vocabulary, but also the proper grammar and sentence structure necessary for clear communication. Increase your knowledge and proficiency as levels progress. This is a beginner course for those with little or no Spanish. The main purposes of Level one (more…)