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Albert Further Education strives to find learning opportunities that will benefit the whole community. Below are a few new course ideas that may interest you and we would love to provide them. To ensure that there are enough students interested, we are collected names of those who would like to take these classes or seminars and then a date, time and location will be determined to meet the needs of those interested. Please call 780-460-2207 to get more information or sign up.

New Canadians – Opening a Conversation with your Doctor:

Going to the doctor can be stressful for anyone but it English is not your first language, it can be even more confusing. In this 4 hours workshop we will discuss the definition of informed consent and informed decision making, the importance of the Physician-Patient relationship and the Dr. Google phenomenon. Together we will look at and practice with a simple tool that will help you open a meaningful conversation with your doctor.

Reading to Your Baby Bump:

In this 2 hour session you will learn when your baby is able to hear, the benefits of reading to your unborn child, how to bond with your baby during pregnancy and how this bond can help with parenthood. We will also touch on some early literacy points when we discuss the types of books you may choose to read aloud when pregnant. There will be an opportunity to practice, time to explore different types of children’s books and a question period.

Math Basics:

This basic math skills class is designed to give participants the opportunity to refresh their high school math skills. This course is based on numeracy essential skills required to build a strong foundation for various trades and apprenticeship applications. The curriculum will be adapted to the needs of the students.

Money Matters – For Newcomers and New Canadians – Workshop 1: How to Bank and Save in Canada, Workshop 2: How to Build Credit in Canada

– This is a 2 week course. Call if you are interested in learning to manage your wealth in Canada.